No One

a supernatural thriller

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“No one” explores the themes of love, loss, friendship and violence.

We took as a starting point “the invisible man”, and after two weeks of exploration on this theme we started to discover a beautiful and touching story. And so we started crafting our story…

Following a terrible massacre, of which he is one of the few survivors and the primary suspect, Thomas Marvel is brought in for questioning. The chief inspector is ready to convict him, but Detective Johansen thinks there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Left with no other choice, Marvel begins to tell a peculiar story. A story about how he met his invisible friend Griffin…

The play takes us through wild twists and turns, as we discover that even though Marvel’s crazy story rings true, he is still hiding something…

So will he go to prison? Did he actually kill all those people? And where is this Griffin guy now…

“No One” will be showing at Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe & Nordic Fringe! Get your tickets below:

Praise for “No One”

This has everything: humour, depth, the whole gamut of emotions, gravity defying fight scenes, outstanding detailed acting, inventive story telling, slick changes. It’s quite simply flawless.

Susanne Crosby, BroadwayBaby

AKIMBO’s No One navigates (in)visibility in the digital era and offers a tragicomic thriller that starts as a detective investigation and slowly takes on a warmer, more intimate focus on an invisible man that craves connection.

Diana Miranda, The Play’s the Thing UK

 this is a physical theatre-heavy piece for an ensemble who executes it flawlessly.

Chris Neville-Smith’s blog on theatre.