Akimbo Theatre Ltd.

We are a new and experimental theatre company based in the UK, France & Norway

Meet the team

We come from all around the world! Come and get to know us:

No one: a supernatural thriller

Our original devised play “No one” explores the themes of friendship, love, loss and violence. We are super excited to bring it to multiple fringe festivals: in Brighton, Edinburgh & Oslo!

Visit our gallery and get an inside look into our rehearsal process!


Contact us to book a workshop with us! From stage fighting, to on-stage creative writing, we are ready and happy to come share what we’ve learnt over the years.


akim·​bo \ ə-ˈkim-(ˌ)bō

adjective or adverb

Definition of akimbo

1: having the hand on the hip and the elbow turned outward

2: set in a bent position: a tailor sitting with legs akimbo

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Akimbo Theatre

Founded in July 2021.

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